Auror Project — Challenge 1 (Automated Active Directory Lab Deployment)

The Auror Project

Tools of the Trade

Terraform in action!

Azure CLI Setup

  • One for a Load balancer which will provide ssh access to Linux host (we will need to SSH into the jump box and use the same to provision and configure the AD domain and its hosts via Ansible)
  • Another, for a NAT gateway that will be used to provide outbound internet access to hosts in the subnet

  • FirstLogonCommands.xml consists of command(s) that will run once for the first user that logs into the system in XML format.
  • Autologon.xml specifies the account to use to log on to a computer automatically in XML format

Ansible FTW!







Ansible playbook — ad-cloudlab.yml





CTF 🚩 ● Hack the Box ● CyberSec Enthusiast ● Snooker Addict

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Soumyadeep Basu

Soumyadeep Basu

CTF 🚩 ● Hack the Box ● CyberSec Enthusiast ● Snooker Addict

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